Cliché Essay Topics: Why Fixing Them Is Important

What makes an essay validated and accepted? This is a question that has been bothering individuals as they applied for college studies every now and again. Without trying to uncover the secrets of the Universe, we are helping you take a different look at how admission works. You know that admission officers tend to seep through thousands of similar letters daily, but there needs to be something that will separate you from the rest of your peers.

To find that grain of truth and a pinch of salt that makes the narrative spicy, we have decided to present a number of clichés that are used in writing. You may have encountered some of them before and can now attest to them being ineffective. Others can be turned into a compelling experience if necessary. You may want to take a look at the tropes that can be used to the student’s advantage and increase your chances of getting into college:

• Writing about the inspiration figure in your life. This is something that many students are confused and baffled about when it comes to essay writing. If creating a story about someone who has inspired you is not acceptable, they assume there is nothing to write about. We would like you to shift the focus from the role model to yourself. For instance, you may be writing about your friend’s ability to fight for what is right and fair. Think about the times when this dedication awed you, amazed you, and irritated you because you knew you were not strong enough to go on. Exemplify the narrative and personalize the instances when you felt like the world is going out of control. Emphasize the importance of looking up at such people and commending these features in others. Another great example is your friend standing up to you even if they were in danger of losing any authority themselves. This is an excellent way to establish conflict for the story and arouse the curiosity of admission officers who are checking the application text.

• Writing about volunteering and what it takes to become one. At best, these essays are so common that the committee won’t even notice one more added to the pile. At worst, you will be written off as someone who is too conceited and condescending to talk about anything else. Do not make it sound like you are privileged to take part in a volunteer trip. This is an experience that is accessible to everyone. If you shift the focus from the place to what you felt, this is going to make a major difference in the story. For instance, there are people who are writing about the curious experiences that happened to them during the trip. They have been stuck in airports and therefore met a lot of amazing people. They have been late for the bus and had to be picked up by random strangers. They found themselves in the Amazonian rainforest with nothing but a few pairs of clothing and a few water bottles. All this makes for a good story that is sure to grasp the attention of the reader and blow the mind of an admission officer immediately.

• Writing about switching schools and moving places. This can be an exhilarating experience, but the theme has become too overused lately. Lots of students have moved to different countries and states in order to continue education. They also had to overcome struggles, associated with the switch. However, if this is the kind of moment that shaped your identity and made you who you are, make sure you have included all the details in the narrative. An over-done topic that has been used profusely can be effective if done in the right way. We would like the writers to think about the psychology behind moving places. Did you have to make new friends upon arrival? Was the local community accepting? All these questions need to be answered in due time. Meanwhile, you can be talking about how moving places has forced you to come out of your shell and become less introverted. Those who do not know your story will surely be excited to read on as the narrative progresses. Also, you can think about the image and the perception you had to channel in order to fit in. This can have a major impact on your personality and therefore be included in the submission essay as you are adding ideas to the text.

• Writing about romance and relationships in general. Applying for college is more like a professional activity that needs to portray you in an official light. We believe that topics such as romances, crushes, breakups, and teen drama are a little too personal for this kind of writing. However, if you think it is essential to mention a harmonious relationship, make sure it looks decent on paper and does not reveal too much. There is a way to handle this theme without being too revealing or indecent. Think about the application officers that are reading your essay. They do not know the details of your romantic involvement and will never understand what you are going through. However, you can make the essay more personal by adding universal topics that will help you connect faster and make the right impression on the committee. 

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